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Mercury in Pisces

Mercury in Pisces

Mercury Transiting Pisces

 Mercury is rather uncomfortable in Pisces. Our quick-witted planet of thought, communication, technology, and expression likes things to be oh so precise and efficient. The symbol for Pisces is two fish swimming in opposite directions, and Mercury finds this frustrating and debilitating. As in all things astrology, there are cycles for everything and ultimately, these cycles are FOR us. They’re for our benefit even if we can’t see how that could be. When the energy is frustrating, the message is to surrender. Pisces would love nothing more than for us all to spend this cycle dreaming big, meditating, painting, taking long walks while listening to music, cuddling our loved ones, napping, taking Epsom salt baths with a glass of wine (or kombucha), reading poetry aloud to each other, or speaking in descriptive metaphors. It all sounds quite restorative, actually. We could all use a pause from time to time when we allow things to just flow without micromanaging.


The Magician and The Moon Tarot Cards


In tarot, this combination would be The Magician and The Moon. The magician is the manifestor. He has all he needs to create and trusts his abilities. He likes to wave his wand and to instantly have what he desires. The Moon brings a veil of uncertainty to his creation abilities. Things are unknown, fuzzy, and hidden. He must wait for divine timing and for what he needs to be revealed.

 Natal Mercury in Pisces 

You likely spent a lot of time daydreaming as a child, and especially as a young one, you may have had a difficult time expressing your thoughts and emotions in a clear and concise way. You may have been perceived to be less intelligent, quick-witted, and intellectual than others because of this. You are more poetic and less rational, because your mind functions in a dreamy, loose, and flowing way. The abstract languages of music, art, and poetry are how you best express yourself, and you are also able to think in metaphoric and symbolic terms. Highly tuned-in and intuitive, you sense what others' thoughts and feelings are and are able to hold space for your loved ones even without being asked. Your intuitive gut instincts about people and situations are usually correct, and hopefully you learn to trust those feelings. You can be somewhat absent-minded as you become immersed in the fantasy novel, fairy tale, or steamy romance you’re currently devouring that you overlook things in your immediate, tangible environment. You are extremely open-minded and believe that anything is possible. Intangible or spiritual forces seem just as real to you as anything in the concrete world. Prone to indulgence, you must watch for excesses whether it be alcohol, ice cream, or toxic relationships. The world needs your gifts of artistic imagination, spiritual openness, and natural empathy.

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