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The Emerald Tablets - Tablet 6, A Spiritual Tool for High Vibrational Souls



This could get weird, I’m not gonna lie. The truth is, some rare people are highly irritating to lower vibrational entities. I will try to explain my understanding of this, my experience, as well as why the 6th tablet of The Emerald Tablets of Thoth is a must-have in the spiritual toolbox of certain lightworkers, starseeds, Blue Ray Souls, etc.

Let’s begin.

As I understand it, when humans are in a state of fear, hopelessness, anger, or hatred, we excrete (I hate that word) an energy type called “loosh.” This loosh is a yummy delicious treat to certain darker/lower vibratory beings and entities. Some of these types of entities will go through great lengths to protect their food source. This means they need their host to remain in one of the states I mentioned above as much as possible.

Some people naturally hold a high vibration. This is true whether they are consciously aware of being a starseed and spiritually advanced soul or not. Truly, the labels mean nothing ultimately, although I have found that discovering one’s “labels” can be an important step/phase in their awakening. These high vibrational humans are so very irritating to these lower density beings. Often, they will plant thoughts in their host that can cause them to be hostile, cruel, or abusive toward the annoying high vibrating soul. This is all strategic, because the entity wants the high vibes as far away as possible. They want to snack in their version of peace.

In Tablet 6 of the Emerald Tablets of Thoth, Thoth generously gives 2 exercises that are incredibly potent and empowering to our level of spiritual self-authority. I will say here that if you decide to use these exercises, please have the respect to spend some time getting to know Thoth and The Emerald Tablets. They are available to listen to on Youtube, you can start streaming them in your car, while you sleep, etc. You can buy the book and read it. You can read it 100 times and still not have synthesized all it has to offer. This is a sacred text. It’s a gift and it deserves your reverence.


This excerpt is the section I’m referring to:

“Now I give unto thee the knowledge,
known to the MASTERS,
the knowing that conquers all the dark fears.
Use this, the wisdom I give thee.

When unto thee comes a feeling,
drawing thee nearer to the darker gate,
examine thine heart and find if the feeling
thou hast has come from within.
If thou shalt find the darkness thine own thoughts,
banish them forth from the place in thy mind.

Send through thy body a wave of vibration,
irregular first and regular second,
repeating time after time until free.
Direct it in waves from thine head to thy foot.

But if thou findest thine heart is not darkened,
be sure that a force is directed to thee.
Only by knowing can thou overcome it.
Only by wisdom can thou hope to be free.
Knowledge brings wisdom and wisdom is power.
Attain and ye shall have power o'er all.

Seek ye first a place bound by darkness.
Place ye a circle around about thee.
Stand erect in the midst of the circle.
Use thou this formula, and you shalt be free.
Raise thou thine hands to the dark space above thee
. Close thou thine eyes and draw in the LIGHT.

Call to the SPIRIT OF LIGHT through the Space-Time,
using these words and thou shalt be free:
"Fill thou my body, O SPIRIT OF LIfe,
fill thou my body with SPIRIT OF LIGHT.
Come from the FLOWER
that shines through the darkness.
Come from the HALLS where the Seven Lords rule.

Name them by name, I, the Seven:
and SIX, SEVEN, EIGHT--Nine.

By their names I call them to aid me,
free me and save me from the darkness of night:
By their names I implore thee,
free me from darkness
and fill me with LIGHT

Know ye, O man, that when ye have done this,
ye shall be free from the fetters that bind ye,
cast off the bondage of the brothers of night.

See ye not that the names have the power
to free by vibration the fetters that bind?
Use them at need to free thou thine brother
so that he, too, may come forth from the night.

Thou, O man, art thy brother's helper.
Let him not lie in the bondage of night.

Now unto thee, give I my magic.
Take it and dwell on the pathway of LIGHT.

LIGHT unto thee, LIFE unto thee,
SUN may thou be on the cycle above.”

The Emerald Tablets of Thoth Tablet 6 – The Key of Magic

He’s given us 2 things here:

-An exercise we can use to be able to tell if what we’re feeling or thinking is coming from inside us. If it is, we have a sacred and powerful process to neutralize it.

-A ritual process to use if we are being attacked or influenced by a being or entity that is not contributing to our highest and best life expression. Thoth also mentions that this can be used in order to protect someone else.

flower of life

Here I will tell you a story about my personal experience using these methods. One of the services I provide locally is cleansing homes and setting up permanent energetic protection in physical spaces. One day I was doing this for a person I already knew had one of these lower density beings on board. The idea was to assist them in regaining their freedom from its influence. This person would have various unpleasant experiences when they were around me. Areas of their skin would feel like they were burning, burning sage or palo santo would give them extreme anxiety, and on a couple occasions I saw the entity curled around the individual’s shoulders. I saw it flee when I walked in the room.

As I went through the process of crystal gridding the home, I decided to use vibration to clear the energy rather than *sage. I use both a crystal bowl and a crystal pyramid for this. As I started walking through the home ringing the crystal pyramid, the person began reacting. First it was nausea. Then it was the skin burning sensation. Before I knew it, this person was writhing on the floor, moaning, vomiting, and in pure agony and fear.

I thought to myself, “OMG is this really happening?!”

You see, I had just finished recording a video on the Emerald Tablets where I had talked about these exercises. At this point I had used the first successfully, but had not yet been in the position to use the second. This is how Thoth works and is why I bring up again the necessary respect and reverence for this magic. If I was going to share this information, I needed to have actual experience. Well, I just happened to have my copy of the book on me, so I began after asking the person permission. Free will always.

The person was on the floor. I stood next to them and cast the circle with my finger. I followed the instructions and read the incantation exactly. The vomiting and writhing increased in severity. I read the incantation 3 times until peace settled upon the room. It was INTENSE. It was kinda like a movie scene.

It was not my intention to do all that, yet the situation just escalated until this person was in a spiritual crisis. I had the tools to help at least for that day.

Now. I do not recommend you do this or anything like it unless you feel 100% confident and not afraid. You know where you stand on your belief in your own spiritual power. That belief level is everything. Also, it’s unlikely that just doing this ritual once will relieve a person of an entity attachment of this level. There is responsibility on the part of the person suffering. If they will not do what they need to do in order to improve their situation, do not get into a situation where you’re performing this ritual repeatedly for them instead of them doing their own work. No enabling allowed, dear empath.

*A note about sage use. I feel I should bring up the issue of cultural appropriation. I have been told that I shouldn’t use sage because I am not of native descent. The truth, for me personally, is that I was taught to use sage properly by my earliest spiritual teachers who were native shamans. Additionally, my years of friendship with elders and councilmen of various native tribes have made it quite clear to me that they are completely comfortable with my sage use. They never expressed any hesitancy about anyone using sage, if I’m to be completely honest. That being said… do you. If you’re not sure if you should use it, definitely don’t. I’m of the opinion that in these extreme cases, like the one I described above, nothing else you burn with have the punch that sage has. Vibratory cleansing is extraordinary potent though, even more than burning sage. So crystal bowls and pyramids are always an excellent choice.


  • I know in advance that some might find what i am writing as Odd, strange or Deja Hollywood propaganda Vue. What i am going to state is absolutely what i personally believe and reflect my opnion.
    The Exercise that was Given to me was exactly what was meant the Emerald tablets to achieve.

    If you read the first Book that lead you to the emerald Tablets, You will exactly notice the Teachings and the Exact words of Jesus Christ, this made the translator to mention and relief the readers by ststaing “ not to worry , we are not diving to Christian mythology” because he knew the Kybalion is talking of the ALL represented by Yeshou’ ( Jesus to the westerns). If you exercise the Emerald tablets and the Kybalion by The Christianity teachings you will reach Cleaner , faster and most importantly SAFER to the ALL.
    The Task In GIVE YOU NOW and is important to do it exactly as stated:

    1- Read the Kybalion twice.
    2- Rea the New Testament and write on a piece of paper only the Words coming from the mouth of Yeshou’ and compare them to the Kybalion principles.
    3- Read The emerald Tablets and if you want to practice it practice it through the believe in your heart that Yeshou’ is THE ALL and your saver in order to reach SAFE.

    Anything else than that for me personally will put my souls in danger and make me go to unknown places that seems light at the start and dark later.

    Stay Safe spiritually and live with compassion and unconditional Love

    Jimmy Francis
  • Thank you. I’m not on the level to be doing stuff I haven’t found my self worth but once I do I will always remember how much this article helped. All my pendulams said they had bad energy because I bought one from India (love India no offense intended) and as soon as I asked it is it a good spirit it couldn’t say no loud enough. Never experienced that before & had to stop drop & roll googling trying to fix it. I buried them. Even my loyal trusted ones because they were infected. They said they were & that hurts I couldn’t clear them. But earth will i hope. Anyway made a new pendulam cuz I need that outside assurance as I am insecure. Any advice you can give to help me help me would be appreciated.

  • I get tingles everywhere just having this page open. My crown is going nuts.

    John blood

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