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Energetic Healing and Shamanic Channeling

Energetic Healing and Shamanic Channeling

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In this distance session, I will connect with your Spirit Council and work with your chakra system and energetic field to assist you with balancing, healing, releasing, and activating according to the guidance of your Spirit Council which includes your Higher Self and Oversoul.

There is no limit to the type of information that comes from these sessions as each session is as individual as you are. Often, I will be able to give you information about some of the beings in your Spirit Council such as spirit guides, star family, and ancestors. As I "see" into your energetic field, healing patterns, blockages, and karmic attachments, etc. from past lives can show themselves so they can be acknowledged and worked with.

When you purchase a session, you will receive a scheduling link. Please note that this is a distance session and you do not have to be available at the appointment time. The scheduling is for me and gives you the option to be in a meditative, relaxed, or receptive state during your session if you choose. This is entirely optional, although many people find it to be helpful. Once your session is complete, I will email you with all the details.

Please note the different options for these sessions.

Many find a follow-up session to be very helpful. In the follow-up, if you choose this option, I will be able to see how your energy system has integrated the work from the initial session. Often new details will emerge in the follow-up. A follow-up session can be purchased separately or as a package with the initial session. These options are all available in the drop-down menu above.

As always, feel free to email me with any questions you may have.