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    Hi Mystics!

    I get a lot of different kinds of questions about the Vertex in astrology and thought I'd begin answering these questions here in an easier format. I get many questions as comments on my blog, but it isn't so easy to reply to them there.

    This question came from my blog post Synastry Aspects for Soulmates - Vertex Conjunct Vertex and Vertex Conjunct Anti-Vertex

    Question -"I’m very interested in learning more about the Vertex and Anti-Vertex. I have my transiting Vertex conjunctions my Anti-Vertex coming up, and wonder if that is relevant"

    Answer - The Vertex axis is fast moving! We all actually have the Vertex and Anti-Vertex conjunct everything in our chart every single day as it moves across the sky. So the transiting Vertex and Anti-Vertex don't play that much of a role in most cases. There are situations where the transiting Vertex is significant but it is only when included in the bigger picture of another astrological event.

    I hope this helps and answers you question!

    xo Ananda



  • Does it mean anything if your vertex is the same as someone else? The degrees are totally different though  So his is 27 Virgo 3' 56. And mine is 6 Virgo 18' 19

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    @Sheri O It means that your Vertex natal energies and lessons are similar, at least by sign. The house tells more of the story. They wouldn't be affecting each other much by synastry though.

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