The Composite Sun

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    I recently made videos and wrote blog posts about the Composite Sun, both throught the signs and through the houses, as well as on the Composite Chart in general. The thing that I wanted to mention here is that this information is SO INCREDIBLY HELPFUL to PARENTS!!! Articles HERE Videos HERE

    Understanding the Composite Sun in the composite chart of your relationship with your children (that was a mouthful lol) can transform the way you relate to AND see/judge the way you relate with your kids.

    Conscious relating/partnering should apply to all of our relationships with the people we love. 💯

    With my son, our composite Sun is in Aquarius. And yes, we DO have an unconventional relationship in many respects. This is something I could choose to give myself a hard time about (and honestly HAVE in the past!), but knowing that the vitality of our relationship is fed by this unconventional/nontraditional energy, I can settle into knowing that it's good.

    If you are a parent, have you thought about your syanstry and composite astrology with your kids?

    Astrology is such a powerful tool for literally every aspect of our lives, it never ceases to amaze me with its profound guidance. 💜

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