Navigational Astrology Daily Forecast - October 25, 2021 - Astrological Forecast for Today

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    Happy Monday, gorgeous souls. 💘
    My announcement today is that I will be taking a break from Youtube dailies in order to compost that time so I can be more available and create with more flexibility. One day I will share more of the story with you. 😘 So for now, dailies will be in written form and will be available on IG, FB, the Youtube Community tab, and in the Galactic Mystic Forum connected to the Navigational Astrology web page. So lots of ways to connect even beyond social media which is always something I like to do.
    Today we have an all day Void Moon (from about 10am-5pm EST) when the Gemini Moon will be moving into Cancer. If you felt a bit emotionally detached over the weekend, that should be shifting this evening and into the next couple days. We are in the disseminating lunar phase (helping others, sharing, conveying advices) and the Beacon Card today is Death. What are you releasing with grace and ease?
    The big news today and the next couple days is the Venus/Neptune Square. Dreams, wishes, and fantasies are strong now. Infatuation with people, ideas, realities are high at this time, with the risk of disappointment later when we discover our expectations are left high and dry. We are simply not seeing much of anything objectively now. Imagination and the desire to create beauty is a gift of this aspect and we may feel the motivation to inspire ourselves and others with magic and spiritual pursuits.

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