Navigational Astrology Daily Forecast - October 27, 2021 - Astrological Forecast for Today

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    I once had a brilliant therapist that wrote a book about his theory that we are often walking around in a tranced state. He observed that when we are in certain states, ruled by our unprocessed pain (basically our wounded child self) we no longer have access to our coping mechanisms and this fit the definition of a "trance."
    Dictionaries vary in the exact wording of the definition but most say something about a "sleep-like state" and "half-conscious" awareness.
    He told me a story about a time he was in the middle of a tumultuous back and forth argument with his partner and "woke up" in the middle of the exchange. He described himself becoming like a screen door, allowing everything she said to pass through him with no resistance, no defense. Her accusations, her frustration, her anger and resentment.
    In this lucidity he described an emotion that welled up within him that was utterly indescribable. It was a new breath of expansive love, the kind that needs no defense, doesn't need to be right, and ended up with his partner weeping with presence and gratitude at the divine container he had created for her. She felt seen and heard like never before because is that moment of "waking from the trance" he was able to access his whole true heart.
    Today's contacts with the Cancer Moon, Mars, and Pluto may offer an opportunity to wake from the trance. This contact offers the emotional extremes of a roller coaster, the urges to poke caged bears, and the potential for outbursts and real hurt feelings. The gift is that if we fall into the trance of toxic exchanges, the more extreme, the more of a chance to WAKE UP. Or maybe we can lay low. LOL
    But there's a dynamic edge to the day. Death as the Beacon card encourages us to let go and grow into those new spaces left empty.
    A lovely Moon/Neptune trine can soften some of this, especially if we find ourselves in a supportive role or having a more solitary day with the muse.

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