Navigational Astrology Daily Forecast - October 28, 2021 - Astrological Forecast for Today

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    The Moon has left sensitive Cancer and entered radiant Leo where she will square the Sun and oppose Saturn forming a tense and motivating T-square. This is a complex, dynamic energy today, especially after yesterday's drama. Did you have some drama yesterday? Lordhavemercy I sure did. But all is well. So let's talk about this T square a bit.

    This situation can bring things up on the domestic front. We can be faced with our lack of attention and care to our homes and families and how we have been projecting what WE, in fact, are doing on those we live and love with. This is circuitous of course as probably up until now we have been shifting blame on others and not wanting to see how we are contributing to the lack of warmth and generosity going around.

    This can feel like a burden. It can feel like a cage. It can feel like loneliness, rejection, like... was committing to this a mistake? Did I screw this up again? Is this doomed to fail?

    The gift is the breakthrough which has the magical power of melting the ice. This then gives way to new potential as new life is nourished by our humility. It's natural and right for what has been hidden to come to light now. No more gymnastics, as extreme bending is a destructive practice at this time.

    This is the difference between Neo dodging all those bullets and finally, in that moment that never gets old, simply putting up his hand and saying... enough.

    We have entered the last quarter lunar phase which is in perfect alignment with this call for correction and adjustment as this cycle winds down. All in perfect order. We are all on time.

    The Chariot is today's Beacon Card, so movement and balance we find today is the celebrated variety. Go get it.

    neo stops bullets

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