Navigational Astrology Weekend Forecast - October 29-31, 2021 - Astrological Forecast for Today

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    Ahhhh SPOOKY WEEKEND! Our jack o lanterns are ready to be lit! My kid has been sick all week so not sure if we'll get into much other than maybe some Nightmare Before Christmas, but that sounds perfect to me. So what's a-goin on in the sky.... well, for one we've had 4 M Class solar flares in that last 36 hours which is kinda a big deal. Waiting to see how that space weather is going to manifest beyond ion storms... Just something to keep in mind if you experience heart flutters or muscle twitches or drastic changes in mental/emotional state. Make the weekend as easy as you can.

    The Leo Moon is in the last quarter phase where we are encouraged to lean into spirit and let go of the past. We are preparing for the new cycle. This is the perfect weekend to spend some dedicated time acknowledging how thin the veil is. Spirit guides and ancestors, while always available and excited to connect, know that this is the time of year much of the challenges we have in connecting are lessened by the natural cycles.

    This weekend the square between the Sun and Saturn is pretty dang tight. This is a time to slow your roll and focus on being more efficient as others may not be particularly appreciative or receptive of you and your work. Of course we can be the one not appreciating others as this is the collective experience. There can be frustrations, delays, and struggles with "authority". I put quotes around authority because I do not accept traditional ideas about what and who authority is.

    Any real or perceived rejection we may experience could pile up that self-doubt and self-criticism, particularly on Sunday when the Moon enters Virgo. If you experience this, it's a good practice to sit down and root out where and how you are holding yourself back, where you are allowing so-called "authority" outside of you to call the shots in your life. Choices may seem really important to make right now, but it's best to hold off if you can. Decide your next steps, but wait to implement the plan. A good way to pass the time as we wait is to be extra sweet to ourselves in whatever ways we can manage. Tell that critical voice in your head to eff off right quick.

    Saturday Mars, the planet of passion, action, and the self enters Scorpio, the sign with the biggest spectrum between polarities. The darkest dark and the most powerful light, and actually has three stages of experience and transformation. This will enflame the will of the collective, bringing the most powerful desires to conscious mind and the energy to conquer them. At what cost? That is determined by the individual and where they are showing up on the Scorpio spectrum. Manipulative, secretive, obsessed, and purely self-focused...or courageous, powerful, loyal, and magical? Know in yourself and observe in others so you know your moves when it's time.

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