Navigational Astrology Daily Forecast - November 1, 2021 - Astrological Forecast for Today

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    Well, my Samhain/Halloween was the most uneventful ever, at least as far as the ways I usually like to celebrate. I've been layed up with some kind of non-covid crud that I caught from my kid and have been rendered utterly helpless. My loving partner and my sweet puppy have been taking supreme care of me and I am filled with love and gratitude for the general abundance of care and grace that flows through my life. 

    Not sure if it's the constant geomagnetic storms and solar flares (another last night!), this fever, or the veil so thin, but my dreams last night were so.... kinda normal yet CRAZY vivid. As if they weren't even dreams but me living another life. Details and recall so crisp and clear. Did you have dreams like that?

    My friends, we have a rather big week ahead of us. Tomorrow is the 2nd big harmonic spike in this period (October-December) and is the first of the two spikes in the 13 vibration. In perfect divine order, as it always is, this is the harmonic that is most like the energy of Scorpio... and we have our Scorpio New Moon on Thursday.

    This 13 vibration energy begins to build today. This is the energy of death, rebirth and transformation, shared resources, intensity, lordship and supreme power, and releasing what we have accomplished in order to begin anew. Often when these spikes occur, there is activity of this type on the world stage. This is a powerfully emotional energy that pushes for change in the outer and longs for love in the inner, as if there are two distinct worlds trying to merge into one in divine consummation. The New Moon on Thursday is opposite Uranus EXACTLY so expect dramatic, unexpected events. 

    The Star is today's beacon card so it's a great time to keep our hearts tuned into the outcomes we are longing for. Keep the hope alive.

    Void Moon from 1p-7p EST as Virgo Moon moves into Libra this evening. It may feel, again, deeply emotional as the aspects encourage us to seek sweetness in relating (or in ice cream or Halloween candy lol), so if there is a being in your life that you can cuddle up to, it will do the heart and soul some real good.

    I do have to mention the square with Mercury and Pluto because while our emotions are having one experience, our heads may be doing another thing altogether. This is a time when superficial answers and platitudes simply are intolerable. You know how folks these days parrot the exact sentences the tv box says? Yeah... no. Annoying and weird AF. We want original thought that is candid and honest and may push too hard on those who can't get beyond the repetition of the collective. So a heads up on that mess. xx Love, love. I'm going back to bed now. 

    gorgeous art inspiration from the always amazing @cult.class

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