Navigational Astrology Daily Forecast - November 2, 2021 - Astrological Forecast for Today

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    Things are weird. Can you feel it? There is so much energy peaking, pushing, prodding, inflaming, confusing, bewildering, overwhelming... how do we manage?

    As we are being hit with the space weather, ion storms, and geomagnetic waves from solar flare after solar flare... Solaris just keeps on a-flarin'. 2 more M class flares last night, so more waves to come in alignment with Thursday's Scorpio New Moon.

    Today is the peak of the 13 vibration (the first of 2), and the Mercury/Pluto square is exact today. Please see yesterday's post for more on those.

    Today Venus will be aligning with the Galactic Center, the vortexual central "Sun" of our galaxy. With the Moon as our Beacon card, and as we find ourselves in the balsamic dark moon... I invite you to seek yourself as Galactic Center, nucleus of your galaxy.

    Let me flesh this out a bit. The Galactic Center is a stream of cosmic wisdom that invites us to consider "as above so below" and "as within so without." What does it mean for heaven to be on Earth? It's you. YOU are heaven on Earth and are divinely, alchemically, intentionally, and fearfully made. How are you functioning as the nucleus of your galaxy?

    The Moon beacon card begs us to to go within and trust nothing but our own instincts. Our nuclear being as divine compass must be trusted. Do you trust? I know it's hard. Divine timing is a thing we must lean into and much is still unknown consciously and that has to be okay because we are navigating by divine instinct. Trust it.

    In the dark balsamic lunar phase... while it often feels super weird, especially for intellectual and Mercurial types, we are in incubation. We are releasing all the karmic ties that are still in need of resolution before the next cycle. Psychic ability is enhanced, visions are abundant as we sense the next steps... even though we cannot describe with words what we see and know in our central Sun within. Surrender to the closing of the past and prepare the soil. Make it fertile with your trust, your rituals, your passion, and your fearless love. xx . .

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