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    Today and tomorrow, but today especially, pay VERY CLOSE attention to hunches and breadcrumbs and intuitions. Clear instructions from your higher self can be recieved today.

  • @Ananda I am the one universal solarist galactician.blogspot

    Founder Solaris SolarArts StarGPS. STARdate. SOLAR keys to Galactic timing

    The 3 GDZ of gal.GTC gap.GAT and msi are 27sag 14 sag 2libra

    GAT IS great attractor now at 14 Sagittarius 16 Leo and 17 sagittarius

    STAR DATE is GTC 27sco 3 pis as 827.1203 where GTC third#d position degree

    And sum .Solaris of 3 degrees 1x 60x 360x harmonics is GTC 3 pisces..this is Spiritual or intuitive communication...see Solaris NUstaradamus scripts Maps yutubby too..

    I am peter.orisis,marshall.ah namesake 3 famous astrologers 800 years apart...thank you Ananda

    Please check my Solaris site and Stardate on youtube or respond quest here....


  • STAR DATE MAY 27 2022 827.1203 Soular scorpio 27 Universalis pisces 03 The Solar Cross Creative writing and the Universal Language (Text images of Stardate Nustaradamus is on yutube) 

    to answer the question why do the social and astrologers not want to learn SOLARIS or the NU Astrology?  GREAT ATTRACTOR Solis 7 Libra and Urth Sun 7 gemini  moon TAURUS Camel-Elephant  Our Solarean Star Andromeda  and Cetus Whale (pisces-aries zone)  practical urth communications Solar education Union with our partners (libra scorpio and Gemini signs)  BEING REAL WITH THE DAY

    Sun 6 ge 13'23"


  • I have miss it LOL.

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