Navigational Astrology Daily Forecast - November 3, 2021 - Astrological Forecast for Today

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    Oh my friends we are in the deepest dark moon today. The deepest incubation and release before the new cycle, the cycle of the lessons of Power, begins. The lessons of Power are some of the toughest and most nuanced of all.

    Our Beacon card today is the Sun and while that is usually a wonderful energy, what the Sun will bring to light may not be too comfortable for many of us. There's so much underestimated Power (see, we're already getting these lessons) in allowing our discomfort to simply exist. It's the secret to halting people pleasing in its tracks, but that's another story for another time.

    The Moon is in the last degrees of Libra today and will be joining up to smooch on Mercury, while side-eyeing Pluto in a challenging square and opposing Eris, the dwarf planet of discord and strife, all while the Sun is settling into an opposition with Uranus where tomorrow's new moon will occur. YIKES. Don't worry though, there are tricks to navigating this. Let's discuss. 

    The Sun has entered the 6 of Cups decan of the zodiac, and with the focus of our Beacon card being here, what may come to light could be deeply and dramatically emotional. Childhood stuff, safety issues stuff (mental/emotional/physical), and these are things we are super attached to even if they are toxic af. 

    This brings us to an important point. The thing is, we are all capable of being toxic. We have all been or are being toxic in some way. There's a bit of a crap blanket we put on this word as if only THEY, waaaaaaaaay over there, are the toxic ones. It should feel liberating and utterly freeing to realize this as there is zero need or expectation for perfection in this life. You get to be toxic sometimes and still be utterly seen, accepted, and valid as an evolving, imperfect human. Badass!

    There's a trick though, and we learn this from the dual nature of Eris herself. Eris serves us by lighting our dumpster fires. How does that help anything you may wonder? We get to choose the outcome of this fire by deciding if we're going to continue the patterns that lead to war or if we're going to learn new patterns that lead to understanding. There are actually only the 2 choices with this. We can make it out alive and wiser, maybe with some battle wounds, but more bonded and secure with those next to us in the fray. That is a sweet kind of freedom that can sate all the longings to breathe a new kind of fresh air. 

    Some will choose to let their dumpster burn though... and even light some more and more and remain in their misery spiral. And that's none of your business. Everyone has their choice. We grow in understanding or we go to war (I mean this mostly metaphorically of course) and how we deal with our own toxic nature is the deciding factor.

    The cool thing is, once we realize it doesn't HAVE to be such a big deal... it isn't such a big deal. xx

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