Navigational Astrology New Moon Forecast - November 4, 2021 - Energetic Forecast for Today

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    Well here we are at our Scorpio New Moon and the threshold of an eclipse season to remember. We begin this passage in the classroom of Power and will close it out in the classroom of Truth. Yet I don't want to get too ahead of myself here.

    I woke with the same pressure and pain in my 3rd eye that I went to bed with and wrestled with all night. In all my years of watching the Sun, this is the most dramatic set of streams I've been aware of. I have a knowing that more are to come. The envelope-pushing energy of this affects literally everything. All biological life receives this.

    I'm actually really surprised that my phone and internet are working as we've lost those in less dramatic recent solar events.

    It is normal and expected to feel this energy physically, mentally, and emotionally as vertigo, headaches, anxiety, heart palpitations, dramatic aha moments, visions, and mood swings. Water, rest, and as much easiness as possible. This is an acceleration that we can only be present for at this time. There's nothing else to do.

    We have one in our dog pack that is restless literally every single night and prevents us from ever sleeping soundly for very long. Last night... not a peep. Total silence. The animals know how to be in the moment and we do well to follow their example in times like these. As the North Node will be moving into Taurus in January, more hints about our guidance. But I keep jumping ahead...LOL Uranus you so funny.

    Let's take a peek at the Chandra Symbol for this New Cycle.

    SCORPIO 12 A young man with a frail body but a beautiful and noble face. Old roots crumbling. New self emerging. Historical underpinnings not very strong. The vision of what can be burns bright and clear. You've been held back a long time by questions about health and safety, viability and durability. Always seeming on the way out, yet the internal image of who you are intended to become looms large and seeks to become incarnated. The battle between what could never be and what must emerge. The underlying feeling tone is that somehow, barely, despite all odds, the infinite one can be born directly in the shell of the one who could not be, and then all bets are off. Absolutely anything is possible.

    Interesting, yes? On all the levels. Absolutely anything is indeed possible when Uranus is on the throne as he is at this moment. Anything not nailed down is at risk of being shaken off into space...and maybe even those things that are nailed down. Again, what else can we do but be present? I think it was Monday that I said "this is a big week." It is indeed. It isn't the time to be busy with all the doing. The time for that is kinda done for a minute. Now we ground ourselves to receive the new instructions.

    Where is Scorpio in your chart? This is your personal classroom and where the lessons of Power are working with and for you in this most sacred time. Know that at this moment there is a kind of reaping. Not the REAPER kind (although many souls are riding these streams right on outta here), but more of the reaping of the seeds you've sown. The push forward that is yours to receive this month IS the wake-up and shake-up.

    A new work is ahead of us. Sit tight, hug your family, drink some water. We are together. xx Love love.

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