Navigational Astrology Weekend Forecast - November 5-7, 2021 - Energetic Forecast for Today

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    Weekend Vibes! All dang day void moons on both Friday and Sunday! So I'm writing this Friday night rather than in the morning like usual because I literally can barely form a thought with day 2 of geomagnetic blasts and a void moon to boot.

    But today (Friday) we are still in the New Moon portal and there's plenty to talk about for Saturday and Sunday. Friday night the Void Moon will end with La Luna moving into Sagittarius. Venus is making a big move into dignified Capricorn and Mercury diving deep with a big move to join Mars, the Sun, and Vesta in Scorpio. Lots of shifting energy! And such divine requests to navigate. Let's discuss.

    We might feel a bit more optimistic with some emotional breathing room with a Saggy Moon, thank the stars! Sunday another all day, 8am-8pm basically, Void Moon might have us floating a bit though until evening when she moves into Capricorn. Just in time for bed time LOL.

    Venus in Capricorn is a BIG DEAL because she will be there until MARCH 2022!!! I mean.... I could nerd out so hard on just that for days and days. She will go retrograde at the end degrees of Capricorn next month so we will have LOTS to talk about with this. But to dip a toe in, gorgeous souls, we are about to deal with our daddy issues. LOLOL I definitely mean this literally and metaphorically. We are going to be renegotiating how we relate and create and learn how to do it SO MUCH BETTER and with more dignity, solid footing, maturity than ever before. We will be changing our relationship with the structures in our lives, the control systems, the limitations, and responsibilities. Be aware that how we treat people over this passage could actually affect our public status and reputation for better or worse.

    With Mercury in the deep dark pools of the Scorpion, our contracts with power will be coming to light. Our thoughts and words and how we process the information that is revealed will be joining the Sun and Mars in the Scorpion, Eagle, Phoenix evolution. Remember this lunation is all about POWER. The Scorpio New Moon has us planting new seeds of power that is shared and involves other people. This goes all the way to the darkest of darkness and the most blinding light of the soul. When the Taurus Full Moon Eclipse rolls around, we reach a pinnacle of the power of the self ...all the power we have given away or was taken from us...returns to we can harvest it and put it to right use according to our divine free will.

    Juno is at the Galactic Center now and is offering a chance to commit to something sacred. Ask your higher power to guide you in this if sacred commitments are something you're into. Ananda out. xx . . .

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