Navigational Astrology Daily Forecast - November 9, 2021 - Energy Forecast for Today

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    Void Moon today from about 1pm-10pm EST as La Luna moves into Aquarius. We may, at the end of the day, be grateful for the Void Moon energy because today, frankly, could be a CRAZY day. Let's discuss, mystical geniuses.

    Basically... LOL... Mercury will be plopping right on Mars' lap at the same time the Moon will be right up on Pluto. Kiss kiss. That's the spicy scene, but what's it all about?

    Mercury and Mars are both is Scorpio so communication could be hostile yet there's a real possibility of some serious REVELATION. Mercury's concerns currently lie in how we can move forward, however uncomfortable. Mars is deeply invested in focusing his warrior energy on the destruction of systems that may have served as mother's milk in the past, but are proving to be smoke and mirrors at best, straight up poison at worst. Trust me, Mars is ready to burn it to the ground if needed.

    The simultaneous Moon/Pluto conjunction makes this emotionally volcanic. Even though a Capricorn moon isn't usually prone to emotional outbursts, Pluto challenges any and all facades of calm in the face of this type of storm.

    Let's just throw out there that both the Moon and Venus are both out of bounds in Capricorn so they are already not behaving like they normally do. They are in touch with a free wildness that could be unleashed in unexpected ways.

    This is a day to be ready to pivot. Be ready to breathe. And with our Beacon card being the Chariot, know that you can harness your own extremes in the face of any wild ass craziness, and DO NOT FORGET to keep dreaming your dreams. Do not lose sight of your goals no matter what the world looks like out there. Take the reigns. Balance that shit like the master you are.

    Our seed of power is still instinctually reaching for the light, not knowing what's up there. The first quarter moon will be asking us to think outside of the box for solutions, but we're not quite there yet. Let's get through today first. xx Love love.

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