Navigational Astrology Daily Forecast - November 10, 2021 - Energy Forecast for Today

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    How was your day yesterday? I ended up having a lovely day. Busy, almost overwhelmingly so, but magic-filled and surprisingly activating. I know it helps that I spent all day in my comfy places... home office, car, and home. Not too much to bump up against outside the walls of my mind and the arms of my heart.

    I feel like I'm always saying "this is a big week!" "today could be a lot!" "this is powerful energy, ground yourself!". The truth is, these YEARS 2020-2025 are all those things and more. There's been a build up that sensitives have felt. A quickening. Yet there are still people walking around like nothing is going on, talking their kids to soccer practice, going on vacations, buying and selling houses, getting married, reading Cosmo and taking all the quizzes. Does anyone actually do that anymore? lolol yes I guess I'm old that I even remember that as a thing? 

    My point is two-fold. Life must go on. YOUR life must go on, yes. AND. Your life can go on and you can be present for these shifts. Now is a really fantastic time to allow yourself to see any cognitive dissonance that's ready to shift out of the murky shame/discomfort spiral and step into the light of day... and into truth. This is where the air is lighter and you are relieved of the critical gaze of perfection. Here you have access to FAITH.

    Decisions must be made but there's this knowing that... we just don't know. We are in the sacred yet utterly befuddling space of witnessing both the crumbling of the old world and the HINTS...whispers... just out of the corner of your eye of the new world in gestation. Maybe we can hear the heartbeat of the new seed/new world for the first time. We still don't know much else beyond instinct and faith and THAT IS OKAY.

    Mercury and Mars are still fused today making the collective prone to hot headed and sharp tongued tendencies. After the Moon spoke with Pluto yesterday, she's making her rounds to Saturn today where they will both exactly square Mercury and Mars in a frustrating 4-some. Yesterday the Moon helped us feel out some of what needs to totally transform... and today she's alerting us to some limitations, responsibilities, and challenges we may need to respond to. Decisions must be made. That's the pressure, isn't it. I know it's a lot. If you can lay low today, do that instead!

    If hasty decisions are made today, they will likely be regretted later. Decisions made or announced on the world stage today, likely same scenario. Probably not gonna work out so great. There's an energy of potentially feeling "cornered" and that's a recipe for defensiveness. It's here I need to add the missing ingredient to all this.

    There's a whole lotta tension in the sky and the missing energy is.... frickin LOVE. Frickin FUN. There's also a lot masquerading as love and it's important that you know how to recognize that. I'm here to tell you, if you are "required" to make a choice today... make the one that feels like the most fun. It probably won't stick anyway and it doesn't even have to be that big of a deal. Stay slippery. Be flexible. Wish upon a star. Don't lose sight of all the things that really matter. It's heavy out there and you don't have to check out in order to stay in the game... as long as you keep laughing. xx

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