Navigational Astrology Weekend Forecast - November 12-14, 2021 - Energy Forecast for Today

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    Welcome weekend vibes! When I asked spirit what I was to impart to you for the energies this weekend, I was given the image of the 9 of Wands. This is a welcomed message that we will overcome at a time that many are really struggling to the point that hopelessness is a real thing we're battling. It is also an acknowledgement that we are going through some serious stuff, major tests and trials, but that we will WIN through our commitment, will, and perseverance. I really needed that message!

    The Sun/Neptune trine is exact on Friday which can have us feeling a bit lazy and in lala land and hard to get the engines going. Spiritual, fantasy, and emotional worlds are enhanced. This combined with the Sun entering the 7 of Cups decan of Scorpio, we may be entertaining many possibilities, yet still can't feel the outcome or direction we should go. The Moon will be squaring the Nodes which can bring up moments of resentment around all the home and family needs we are required to attend to. This should be brief though if it comes up. Overall, family vibes should be lovely this weekend.

    Saturday has a gorgeous Sun/Moon trine along with a Moon/Neptune conjunction which is lovely, romantic, spiritual, and creative but in a weird juxtaposition with the exact Mercury/Uranus opposition which could really fry some of our nervous systems if we let this energy run wild. Mars is still in play here energizing this, so for some, abrupt words could fly, pressure that has built up may blow the lid off. Be aware of others' feelings as emotions are really on the surface here. Apologize quickly if you need to and let's keep our heads firmly on our necks rather than up our rears. LOL Know what is really important and protect it with everything you can muster.

    The Moon will be in Pisces until Sunday around noon EST when she will enter Aries. When any astrological body is at this place in the zodiac (which I can turn high nerd about real fast) it is PRIMED FOR MANIFESTING and engaging in mystical activities that direct your energy toward something wanted. It is also a time to call your energy back to you and to return energy that isn't yours. Next week we will begin the highly charged and final eclipse season of 2021 and we will all be in for some big stuff. Take any time you can this weekend to detach from your stressors. You will need some energy reserves. In other words... be a mermaid with a gun. Lololol I love this image so much from @80svintagepulpart on IG.

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