Navigational Astrology Daily Forecast - November 15, 2021 - Energy Forecast for Today

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    Some people live just to criticize others. Others live under the illusion that people owe them something or certain information which is often the premise of a judgement they are wanting to confirm. 99.9% of the time these are projections of some hidden part of them that they subconsciously are trying to keep hidden in the mist. By projecting their unwanted energy onto others, they give themselves a BRIEF reprieve of the discomfort.

    As a rather prolific creator of FREE content, I am a prime target for these behaviors, especially because I express myself in such an open way. When you put yourself out there, certain types of people see it as an invitation for these projections, albeit mostly unconscious. They falsely believe you owe them something. Sorry, honey. No.

    The Aries Moon, almost like clockwork, ramps this mess up if folks are particularly prone to channel their Aries energy in combative ways. With the Moon squaring Venus today and tomorrow, early, squaring Pluto and sitting on the lap of combative Eris, these projections could be set ablaze in us and/or in others. Energetic shields should be fortified, most definitely. If they come for you, use it as an opportunity to have your own back, not stoop to their level, and prove to yourself that you can handle whatever comes at you.

    I have posted the video for our Taurus Full Moon Eclipse that's kicking off the final, wild eclipse season of 2021. Check it out. I've been told Jesus is offended by this video. lololololololol

    Sun/Jupiter square has us prone to recklessness, over-estimating, and really thinking BIG. This is actually not the best time to be reckless, so if you catch yourself in this... lean into all this Capricorn energy of Venus and Juno who just ingressed. Last week's Youtube Video was all about Juno, so great time to check that out as well.

    Juno will be in Capricorn until February 1, 2021. During this time, any commitments you make will have the potential to be strong, lasting, and possibly to become new structures and foundations in your life. This is the energy that supports legacy creation and building blocks for the new world.

    Our Beacon Card is the Fool. This is Uranus who is still opposing Mercury and Mars and is creating a choice that will separate you from order to begin again like the Child Fool who trusts the Universe SO MUCH that he just keeps going, knowing the stepping stones will be under his feet when he takes his steps. This energy does support having scruples though, so trust, but not blindly. We in it, folks, xx

    I love this powerful image of the gorgeous Iman.


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