Navigational Astrology Daily Forecast - November 16, 2021 - Energy Forecast for Today

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    We are in the waxing gibbous lunar phase, dear hearts. This is the part where we are readjusting, revising, and zeroing in on the specifics of our lessons of embodiment in this balance of Power lunation extravaganza. I love the word EXTRAVAGANZA and think we should use it much more often. LOL We are trimming the fat and freeing ourselves of everything unnecessary so we fan focus on the purity of what we are becoming.

    This particular waxing gibbous phase is ruled by Aries, so it's imperative that we do absolutely ZERO self-sacrifice. None. Nada. In our readjustments, we must consider our own benefit first. After yesterday's post and the subsequent fallout of losing tons of followers... I remain befuddled at people's projections, but they are not mine to understand. I DID, however, get many questions about Aries energy in general and how it could possibly be expressed in a healthy way.

    Aries is ultimately a courage seeker. Yes, some seek courage through battle, hence the aggression that is often associated with this sign. Some seek courage through protecting others, yet they understand they cannot protect if they are not strong, so they know to put their oxygen mask on first. Some seek courage by knowing and growing in ways that make them "dangerous if crossed" yet they have no desire to attack or be aggressive unless in self-defense or protection of others. These metaphors can be applied to our current guidance in this lunar phase where we are revising before the Full Moon culmination of reclamation of Power.

    La Luna/Pluto square today so emotional power struggles could emerge. If they do, use them as direction and fuel for this process of adjusting and correcting our path.

    We also have a Void Moon most of the day today from about 10 am - 9 pm ish EST so kinda perfect for these rituals of purifying the self to a more focused instrument.

    Asteroid Vesta, the Eternal Flame, has entered Sagittarius. I believe this week's Sunday video will be on this beautiful asteroid. She will be holding her flame in Sag until January 2022. While she is here, she is turning up the heat on our spiritual beliefs and sexual philosophies intertwined. Many walk around with deeply entrenched archaic, narrow beliefs without understanding WHY. Vesta calls us back to the mystery and the vision of spirit we hold sacred. Ritual and mystical practices are favored now to reconnect you with your truth.

    Our Beacon Card today is the Hierophant so we are getting schooled, but this schooling could help us find our community and people of like minds. In a world where so many relationships of all kinds have grown hostile and fallen apart, connection with like minds and hearts has never been more important. Our greater philosophies act as beacons. xx

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