Navigational Astrology Daily Forecast - November 23, 2021 - Energy Forecast for Today

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    The major arcana card that represents Sagittarius is Temperence. For such a jovial (Jupiter) energy, at first it may seem to not quite match. Yes Jupiter is a joyful, optimistic, accepting energy. And yes, Jupiter is the teacher, the guru, and the student. Yet the shadow of Sagittarius lends itself to righteousness, philosophical and intellectual arrogance, and close-mindedness. It is here that we find the wise message of Temperence. Balance of extremes. It is the only way to access real wisdom and truth.

    We've been experiencing the shadow of Sagittarius as a collective for the past year and a half. The inability to entertain new information, to be convinced that anyone who thinks something different is an ignorant, less-than-human fool, to attach to a perceived truth like a zealot, and the inability to even SEE truth in the first place... these are the nasty shadow themes of Sagittarius. I never thought what I see now could happen. It boggles the mind. This will be accelerating and amplifying as we enter the end of this cycle in January 2022. Fun. Lol.

    So in the mean time we have our daily tasks of connecting with what is here now. Today the Sun is still in a conjunction with the South Node with Vesta the Flamekeeper close by and Juno in a supportive semi-sextile lending support to our deepest commitments to truth. This combination is literally begging us to release anything that is stagnant and old and reeks of things you can't even understand why you aligned with in the first place. It's so rotten that its vicinity is triggering to the highest degree. Let it go. Do a ritual. Cry. Get mad. Laugh at how ridiculous it all is. Be thankful. And move on. If it helps to think that there can be a reunion with it later on, that's fine as long as you commit to not shrinking and meeting it with the fullness of this glorious iteration of YOU.

    The Moon is in the disseminating (waning gibbous) phase. This is the actual harvest of the fruit that ripened at the Full Moon. This phase is ruled by nurturing Cancer and even brings us the supportive feminine wisdom of Sirius. This is where we are generous and give back. We share what we have learned. We support others and allow ourselves to receive from this new place of full presence of personal power. We are not full of energetic holes as we give thanks for such an abundant life.

    The Moon will be opposing Venus and then Pluto later on today. If emotional turmoil begins to bubble, I invite you back to the Temperence of Sagittarius. It is here that the truth of the emotions is available. With our Beacon card as the World today... there is a completion. This theme is present repeatedly. I feel a great reverence for life at this time. Do you feel it? As the gears of creation turn, may we always return to the center of the Divine Sacred Heart of Hearts. May it be so. xx

    Divinity in digital form by @manuelobececco

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