Navigational Astrology Daily Forecast - November 24-25, 2021 - Energy Forecast for Today

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    It's Thanksgiving Eve in the US and just like everything else this year, it totally snuck up on me. I LOVE the holidays, y'all. I will take any excuse to cook a feast and be jolly, grateful, and enjoy my little family who I love so very much.

    I will be cooking pies today. Pumpkin, sweet potato, and sugar roaster Appalachia style ... and my famous chocolate chip pumpkin bread that is the most outrageously addictive this you will ever taste. It's gonna smell like heaven in this house.

    So did you notice any themes in your day yesterday? I sure did and it was weird AF. I cannot emphasize enough that we are all ending a MAJOR cycle. Think back to November 2002 and everything that has occurred in your life. Seriously, this is major!

    Today and tomorrow Mercury will be joining the Sun, South Node, and Vesta and we are in the most divine place to cancel and revoke soul and other contracts that are no longer serving our highest and most brilliant path forward. If you are serious about this, I do suggest making a thing about it. BUT you must know how powerful this is. Your life WILL change and it will happen fast.

    This is a ritual that can be done at any time, honestly, but this alignment is going to force the issue. It's best to be a willing participant. You can do it anyway you like, but I like water rituals myself. In a bath, with some weird ass planet sounds and some crystals. Call in your guides and make your declaration that you hereby cancel and revoke any and all contracts, conscious and unconscious that no longer serve your most joyful and aligned path. Send love and gratitude, wish everyone well on they way.

    The last time I did this, within 24 hours I was homeless. I lost everything on one hand, but literally saved my own life. So this is no play play. You have to mean it and be ready.

    I am reminded of Sif, Norse Goddess of the Harvest, who lost her golden hair to the trickster, Loki. In the end, after "losing everything," she ended up with literal gold growing on her head. So know that loss usually isn't what it seems at the time. Sagittarius Season likes us to see the bigger picture and to keep the faith.

    La Luna Bella will be entering Leo today and will granting us all the warmth and welcoming energy of the lion for our holiday. There are some aspects that could lend some of us to be mouthy or dismissive, so if you're gathering with those who you feel a bit anxious about spending time... well... family be like that. Maybe avoid those topics if you can, but seriously... I know it's hard to keep quiet. Mouth off at your own risk, LOL. I'm a mouthy B so I get it. I just don't gather with those who feel like a risk in that way.

    For those who are alone or have experienced loss that feels acute at this time, you have my entire heart. If you need some hearts in your inbox, just let me know. I got you. xx

    I would love to acknowledge the artist of this gorgeous work, so if you know, please let me know!

    golden hair

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