Navigational Astrology Daily Forecast - November 26-28, 2021 - Energy Forecast for Today

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    Happy Weekend, my friends! I wanted to pop in and say hi and acknowledge the beauty of this place where we currently find ourselves. We are in the last quarter phase of this ABSOLUTELY GLORIOUS lunation of Power. Yes, the solar eclipse energy is palpable and is just around the corner, but where we are right in this sacred NOW is enough to make my heart leap.
    With new intentions and a new sense of wholeness that we perhaps have never felt EVER, the Virgo Moon is ruling this last quarter phase. Any vestiges of the old, and danglies, any moldy leftovers (not of the Thanksgiving kind lol) are free to fly the coop now. This is the time to engage in long-term dreaming. Visualize with great detail the life you are creating for yourself, your loved ones, and all of humankind. Virgo has dual vision and is able to see almost as far ahead as the ever-accurate Sagittarius arrow, but Virgo uses the information differently. This lunar phase is about purifying that vision and honing in on anything left that is out of resonance. Release with gratitude.
    Don't mistake old danglies for the vulnerability that comes with the beginning of an upgrade. This iteration of you has never been here before, and just like the newborn who is utterly unable to care for themselves, we have to learn the new landscape. This may feel frightening and you might be wondering if you made the right decisions and are heading in the right direction.
    Know that if you are allowing yourself to be guided by truth and by the lamplight of your own inner soul star... you are right on time, placed perfectly.
    Speaking again of the vulnerability of the new life... we may actually be more vulnerable right now. We also may misinterpret certain things as safe when they are a threat or vice versa. Again, we are learning the rules of this new existence. Personally, I am engaging in new, more potent energetic protection methods, as well as practical ones as I worry less when I feel prepared. I will be speaking more on this in the Galactic Mystic Facebook Group if you are interested in more on this.
    Love, love xx

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