Navigational Astrology Daily Forecast - November 30, 2021 - Energy Forecast for Today

  • Galactic Admin
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    There are some mornings that we wake up as tired as we were when we put our head to the pillow the night before. You may be having those more often this week. In this moment, I want to say that sometimes the details don't matter. Sometimes the most important guidance we can receive is to connect with the stillpoint within.

    The coming eclipse is heavy with the protective energy of the Mother. As we enter the dark moon phase this evening, ruled by Libra but will be occurring mostly in Scorpio in the next couple days, that balance is absolutely crucial because this dark moon before the eclipse will be taking us through the underworld and we want to be ready for what we will learn there.

    Maybe you're already feeling the realms blending into this now moment or into your dreams. If you find yourself in the dark, remember that you can light your own way with your inner Sun. This is actually an effortless thing. It is natural. It is, in fact, your act of claiming that it is natural and right that turns this light on in a way even you can no longer deny. This is not the time to dim our light with the distraction of duality.

    Perhaps a short mantra or prayer on your lips at this time can offer a blanket of comfort. This is one of mine. All-Father above All-Mother below I place myself in your care with Grace and Gratitude I am yours When we think of the underworld as the Cosmic Womb, it may feel more inviting if the idea of the Plutonian depths feel scary. What is your comfort right now? What is your prayer? xx

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