Navigational Astrology Daily Forecast - December 1, 2021 - Energy Forecast for Today

  • Galactic Admin
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    We are officially in the dark moon now. The eclipse energy is LOUD, and yet we must find the presence of mind and heart to acknowledge the work we've done as we close out the Lunation of Power. My guess is that you have retrieved parts of yourself that you may be surprised had been forgotten. The retrieval of your soul's power is an exercise in dignity and is to be celebrated even if it is only you that knows what has truly happened.

    The dark moon asks us to nourish ourselves, to make our inner world fertile in preparation for the next sowing of seeds. Do all you can to be present. Guard your energy and discern where it is really needed at this time.

    Neptune stationing direct is activating the 9 of Cups decan of the zodiac and it is here that we allow our self-appreciation to flourish. We can feel pride in our choices that are aligned with our highest integrity.

    Mars is beginning to square Jupiter and this crusading energy may make it hard to stay still with this dark moon phase. Distractions are everywhere!

    Geomagnetic storms had all our tech acting crazy last night, amplifying the zero point of the eclipses. This is the time to return to the basics. Chop wood, carry water. Love your loved ones thoroughly. Return to the sacredness and simplicity of life as you know it.

    There is an ancient energy present now that is available and enveloping to those who have eyes to see. The Primordial Mother reminds us of "anapausis" which is the rest and reset we need so our creative juices can flow. Allow your sacred heart to disengage from the struggle. Even if you feel you have been off your path, it is this pause that will allow your spark to return.

    There's something to be said for giving events time to reorganize without our constant involvement and questioning. Notice if you feel guilt or fear in this act of release and surrender to the wisdom of the Soul Star. You don't have to "fix" it. Noticing and accepting is enough. Love, love.

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