Navigational Astrology Daily Forecast - December 2, 2021 - Energy Forecast for Today

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    This morning I caught a glimpse of the most gorgeous sliver of the fingernail balsamic moon. These dark moon days are one of my absolute favorites when it comes to the lunar esthetics. Simply beautiful!

    We had another geomagnetic spike last night and are now receiving higher than usual levels of electrons from the Sun. I find this to be in perfect divine timing as we near the eclipse which is heavily pregnant with zero point energy. This is where we return to our atomic, nuclear self and all possibilities are once again open. All roads become ponderable.

    If we were talking about protons, neutrons, and electrons in a different way, electrons would be the feminine of the three. They are utterly mysterious and if anything can cause us to scratch our heads at the utter befuddling nature of the materium, it would be the electron.

    At this point in our understanding of existence, electrons are considered to be elementary, primary building blocks. They cannot be broken down into other elements are parts. They are primordial.

    Electrons are vital in order for atoms to bond and act as a magnetic force that literally connects all that we know. Atoms must bond for material to exist. In a way, we can think of them as the gatherers of material that in needed to create a thing. This is not unlike the act of mothering, of creation, of the bonding we relate to the energy of mothering.

    They are also rebellious and defy our attempts to fully understand them. They behave like particles when they are being observed, yet when left to do their own thing, behave like waves.

    I like this metaphor when I think of 2 of the 4 Liliths in astrology. We have Mean Black Moon Lilith who we can think of as the observed particle. She maintains who she, of course, but alters herself for others in some way or another, simply so we can behold her.

    True or Oscillating Black Moon Lilith is unrelenting in her wild nature, yet remains so connected to her most nuclear, zero point self, she cares not what you see when it relates to her. While there is a dualistic nature here, she is still whole.

    Our eclipse is opposing both of these Liliths in astrology and asks us to make a choice in how we create. It will also be exactly conjunct fixed star Rastaban, the Eye of the Dragon, in the Draco constellation, yet before this group of stars was associated with the serpents, it was seen as a group of mother camels surrounding and protecting their young from attack. In my mind I can associate this with the bonding action of electrons and the feminine rising with her whole, yet multifaceted nature. Fierce. Loving. Warrioress Mother. Primordial Womb of the Materium.

    So we all have access to this energy of creation now and always. What are you creating? And for what purposes?

    Stunning goddess art from @jensfineart

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