Navigational Astrology Daily Forecast - December 6, 2021 - Energy Forecast for Today

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    Well we started our Monday with a flood in our kitchen and are busy today with insurance, estimates, and repairs of the water damage. Sigh.

    So we have this asteroid hurling toward Earth that will come it's closest on December 11th, the same day of the exact Venus/Pluto conjunction before she goes retrograde. She has already slowed down and will basically be conjunct Pluto until next year with the exact dates being December 11-13 and then again from Christmas Eve til December 27th and then AGAIN with a triple conjunction with Mars during the Pisces New Moon on March 2, 2022 conjunct Jupiter. Hahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahaha I hope you have your seatbelt handy because we are going to need it, my friends.

    So this asteroid, Nereus, is moving SO FAST TOWARD US, at least from the zodiacal movement perspective. NASA says there's nothing to be worried about as far as physical impact is concerned, but we know that when these bodies come this close to give us a kiss, it's significant and the impact is felt in other ways.

    Nereus is one of the most ancient of the water gods in Greek mythology. He is a shapeshifter but is usually seen as a merman or as a wise sage holding a wooden staff. His parents were primordial and came directly from the void, the cosmic womb of creation.

    He is the father of the water nymphs, the Nerieds, and is known to be a kind, gentle character who is particularly concerned with the integrity of Truth. How interesting is that now that the eclipse ushered in the Lunation of Truth. It is all so ever-connected and we are always guided on our path!

    He would speak of the future to those who came to him for council, always being sure within his own mind and heart that he was speaking Truth and that the listener was fully understanding his words.

    So, literally, Truth is hurling toward our planet. How's that for a metaphor. I feel deep gratitude that Nereus is involved with this phase we are in because, as a protector and benevolent deity, he assures that whatever Truth we encounter will ultimately be for our benefit.

    Today is also the Feast of St. Nicolas and is a great day to be generous with others and to consider how we can be better neighbors and friends to each other and to all of creation. Love, love xx




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