Navigational Astrology Daily Forecast - December 7, 2021 - Energy Forecast for Today

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    Today we begin the waxing crescent phase of the Lunation of Truth. This is where the new seed first breaks through the soil, straining instinctually toward the sun after being nourished by darkness, water, and earth. This phase is ruled by Aquarius and in particular, the often overlooked ancient wisdom of Aquarius. I recognize both the ancient and modern rulers of Aquarius, Saturn and Uranus. Truly the energy feels incomplete to me without both planets in the fold. Saturn is currently in Aquarius amplifying this energy and Uranus is in Taurus, shaking up our bodies and the places we don't want to move from...yet must.

    That shake-up is usually way easier when we are dealing with the truth of things. This morning, during my 3 1/2 hour commute, my mind wandered to the Tennessee mountain where I grew up. The gravel road I lived on meandered past simple, humble homes, several of which had no running water, some had dirt floors. The road ended abruptly at a dead end.

    It was here that my sister and I would have picnics. I've always loved old cemeteries and at the end of this gravel road was a very small, very old cemetery that seemed to be completely forgotten. The gravestones could not be read on many of them, the ones that could be read had dates in the late 1800s. I would brush the dirt and leaves from them, try to make out the names, and would think of these people who no one remembered.

    I drove out there several years ago and was shook to discover so many stately looking homes, wealth sprawling on the mountain, the shacks and outhouses torn down. And a house built right on top of this old cemetery that was dear to my childhood heart.

    In ancient days it was customary to sacrifice an animal to the land and bury it beneath the foundation of a new home being built as an offering and blessing of abundance. Later it was eggs, coins, or a loaf of bread buried for the same reasons. It was like a ritual of becoming one with the land and an understanding that the new family would become a part of it all. Like the foundation of the foundation... and it was a known thing, an known offering to the land the spirits who lived there.

    But what about this house built on top of this cemetery? Do they know? Would they care if they did know? Are they interested in the truth of their home's foundational origins? Are the land and spirits waiting for them to be welcomed as part of their homestead? Are there consequences of living in a way so disconnected from the land? And do they feel it, the inhabitants of this home?

    We have lost much of the simple dignity that the old folks knew and lived. I'm not saying we should sacrifice animals or anything like that, no. Absolutely not. But the simple act of acknowledging we are a part of the whole and that our presence on a square of land MATTERS and makes waves for good or ill. This is where we break the surface of the soil in these truth lessons. Nourished by connection. xx

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