Navigational Astrology Daily Forecast - December 8, 2021 - Energy Forecast for Today

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    During the waxing crescent, the new seed we planted on the Sagittarius New Moon eclipse faces its first challenges. This is an extremely vulnerable phase as the roots are thin and fine and it must mobilize its forces to survive the barrage of the elements. Because Aquarius is our host for this phase, we may need to think outside the box and open our minds to the potential for BIG moments. Aha moments, oh shit moments, grand vision moments are all possible. 

    The Aquarius Moon will be sextile Mercury in Sagittarius and this supports both Aha moments and grand vision moments. The Tower as our Beacon Card today can bring in the oh crap moments along with the potential for destruction of the new thing. 

    Some seedlings are stronger than we realize despite their fragile appearance. They can be layed bare, toppled over, shriveled by too much sun and not enough water. Then, with a little tender love, a drink, some soil over its baby roots, it becomes stronger and more able to weather the next level challenges ahead. 

    Appalachian farmers know all too well how much sweeter the fruits are that come from plants who have had to struggle a little. 

    The Tower card does ask us to take a peek at what Mars is doing as he begins to slide into a conjunction with the South Node in the coming days. This will create the potential for a revisit from the past that can manifest in many different ways. The desire to return to something we thought was over may bubble up in your brain, men or masculine things from your past can pop up, old things that made you really mad can be regurgitated in your mind. AND it's a great time for a fire ritual of burning away all these tired old things that so pop up... at least the ones we know we're done with. xx


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