Navigational Astrology Daily Forecast - December 9, 2021 - Energy Forecast for Today

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    La Luna has entered the dreamy realm of Pisces as she slides out of her alignment with Jupiter today. Our emotional worlds and our moods can expand into astronomical size when the Moon and Jupiter are cozied up like that.


    Depending on how that went for you, the square the Moon will be making with her own nodes today can have the fallout or residuals of that experience gifting you with a task. This is an inner world task and is something that needs to be addressed in a specific, hand-on way.


    Considerations of our familial conditioning and the people, events, and energies that have formed us are sneaky things. Without conscious examination of these parts of us, we run on automatic pilot. We play the tapes of conditioning rather than open our experience to NEW versions of what is possible.


    As Venus is doing her thing as she dances in her shadow and comes into her first conjunction with Pluto, and as asteroid Nereus hurls himself toward us, what is happening now is likely part of the greater task and subsequent shake-up of the structures of our lives. The hidden, unsavory parts of these structural bones will be revealed. This apocolypse (revelation) is no joke and we will all need to lean into support. As as do this, lets commit to allowing those support systems to also reveal their hidden underbellies so we can deal with what is real.


    I'm feeling the pull of the upcoming Shift of the North Node already, deeply, viscerally. This is the call of the earth, of your body, of pleasure, stamina, and standing on our own sacred feet. I wonder in what ways we can begin to shift into this now?


    For me, I have turned off the news. I've stopped following every little thing and am allowing myself to drift into the ease of being uniformed of the narratives. I'm considering how I can support myself in ways that honor the North Node's call as Taurus is where the eye of the dragon is set. Let's move forward into unchartered territory. Let's allow radical change even when we don't know all the steps along the new path. Let's be barefoot as we walk. Let's hold hands. Love, love. xx

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