Navigational Astrology Daily Forecast - December 14, 2021 - Energy Forecast for Today

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    Tysdagr is the Old Norse for Tuesday and is named for the god Tyr who is viewed as a parallel to Mars. The rune tiwaz is associated with Tyr and carries the energy of the valiant, honorable, noble, and righteous archetypal warrior spirit. 

    Mars is still sitting at 0° of Saggy, conjunct the South Node, same as yesterday. He is squaring Jupiter who is also squaring the nodes and we have a lovely Taurus Moon to help us ground all this firey energy today. 

    Whenever a planet is squaring the Moon's nodes, we are asked to "deal" with the issues of that planet in a real-life, grown up way. We have to put on our grownup drawers. The thing to remember though is that it isn't all about busyness and DOING. That's often what we think of when we think of grown up things and adulting... the hustle, the grind. 

    And yes, these energies really are asking us where and how we want to show up in the new year and to hunt and destroy anything inside that is stalling us. But today we begin the waxing gibbous lunar phase in Taurus. This is such a helpful and gorgeous energy withing this firestorm.

    Consider your archetypal Tyr energy within. When the honorable warrior receives honor, it isn't because he was seeking it. It happens after he has engaged with his true nature in the battlefield. This is a metaphor, of course, for the big moves we make with FAITH as our guide. 

    Imagine Tyr sitting under a tree, fashioning his arrows, repairing his quiver, sharpening his sword. In these moments he is in preparation for the leap of faith he is about to take. He considers his purpose, the driving force behind his faith. He thinks of his loved ones and what he wishes for them in their lives. He absorbs the beauty of his surroundings, the feeling of the tree bark against his back. 

    It's these quiet moments where we can connect with what is really real, in a grown up way. Pausing is adulting. 

    So today, I will be aligning with this energy by making pomanders from fresh oranges, cloves, and cinnamon. As I make them I will be Tyr on the hilltop with my back against a mighty oak. I will meditate on my loved ones and all I am grateful for and allow the maturity of this exercise to feed my faith. How will you meet this day? xx

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