Navigational Astrology Daily Forecast - December 15, 2021 - Energy Forecast for Today

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    Today and since Monday, Mercury the messenger has be aligned very closely with the South Star. The direction South is associated with warmth, the Sun, self-fortitude, fire, and passion.

    This star offers persevering, inquisitive, adventurous and tenacious energies. Passion feeds mental fortitude, original thought, and the inclination to inspire others to action.

    Polaris Australis currently marks the celestial South Pole, or the point in space where the earth's axis intersects the Celestial Sphere. If you stood at the South Pole you would witness the faint light of Polaris Australis directly overhead as a relatively fixed point, with all other stars seeming to move in a circular pattern around it. This star may be perceived as a focal point of condensed energy connecting our Earth to the greater cosmos.

    With Mercury here, our minds and tongues are hot with the Sun's radiance. Expect genius ideas, passionate conversations, and more fiyah!

    Passion connects people by helping them figure out what they have in common. When we're passionate about something.... we talk about it! This is the spark of connection and healing for all of us. We have FAR more in common than not and these are days to remember that. Love and flames, xx


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