Navigational Astrology Daily Forecast - December 20, 2021 - Energy Forecast for Today

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    We have officially entered the sacred and festive season of YULE! Today is Yule Eve, also known in Old English as Modraniht or "Mother's Night." As a joy excavator, I like to extend festivities for as long as possible. There are so many variations on how long midwinter, Yule, solstice, seasons were celebrated by our ancestors. In the Norse text 'Heimskringla: The Saga of Hakon the Good' it's mentioned that Yule lasted lasted for three days, or as long as the ale continued to flow. In other cultures the return of the Sun was celebrated well into January and in modern day Germany, Christmas trees are kept in the home until February 2nd.

    These days, most celebrate Yuletide from December 20-31 and tonight we begin! On Mother's Night we honor our female ancestors who watch over us from across the veil. In my work as a mystic, I find female ancestors in particular to be in the Spirit Council of so many! Grandmothers especially. If you have given birth, perhaps you have felt that moment when the strength of every mother in your line is infused with your own. I know in my 47 hours of labor, all my mothers were with me.

    As the divine would have it, we have a Cancer Moon tonight, the sign of the Mother, and we are still in the Full Moon lunar phase. It's a perfect night to honor the Disir, the spirits of our female ancestors, as well as Frigg, Freya, Mary, and any other representation of the Divine Mother that you fancy.

    I keep photos of my family line out at all times, but tonight I will spent time with each of them and thank them for their unique contribution to our line. I will be making Gluhwein, a traditional mulled wine that literally translated to "Glow Wine" because it gives you those rosy cheeks... alcohol induced rosacea anyone? LOLOL Baking cookies, and tending to the general coziness of your abode is all favored. Will you be celebrating Mother's Night? xx.

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