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    It's the 4th night of Yule and we turn our minds and hearts to love, compassion, and fellowship. The word "Yule" actually means "parties, festivities" and one of the things I love the most about turning my consciousness to more grounded, Taurus-like (North Node moving into Taurus in January), earthy and old ways is the return to gracious hosting.

    In the Poetic Edda, Odin gives much wisdom on the importance of being a generous host as well as how to be a thoughtful guest. One of the Old beings associated with this 4th night, is Aegir. He was an ocean god and was known to brew the best ale and throw feasts and celebrations in his halls. With his wife, also an ocean being, they had 9 wave daughters.

    9 is a sacred number indeed. It indicated completion of a great cycle. Aegir is also a satellite of Saturn, who rules the harvest and the reaping of rewards after great effort. How beautiful is it that even here we can associate love, fellowship, and effort as virtues that cannot be separated.

    Last night I dreamed of a blazing hearth with flames coming out the top of the chimney. We cannot achieve such passion, devotion, activation, and enduring warmth without the effort of stoking that fire. Before we can even stoke it we much acquire wood, make sure it is dry, split, carried inside, and finally used to feed the flames of our hearth.

    All these actions are choices we make, not emotions. Saturn teaches us that as well. As he remains in his final square with Uranus, what else can we do other than tending to what matters most. The hearth. Love, Compassion, and Fellowship. The choice to love and to turn that choice into action that leads to warmth and delicious ale for everyone you love. Good stuff. xx

    P.S. This mini fireplace is my new favorite thing! Perfect for mini simmer pots!

    mini hearth

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