Navigational Astrology Daily Forecast - December 27, 2021 - Energy Forecast for Today

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    Today Venus Retrograte is cozied up to Pluto in another exact conjunction. This is a turning point of this big renegotiation in our values around love, money, relationships, and our dignity. Hidden things or things you thought were over and done may be resurfacing for another dance. I've noticed a HUGE amount of old lovers reuniting, for better or worse! We are in the last quarter lunar phase which is perfect for making corrections and eliminating what cannot come with us into the New Year.

    Making an altar to focus the energies you are wanting to bring into your life and what you are releasing is a lovely activity for today. It's okay to be super general in your intentions if you want. Taking the time to put together an altar for a specific purpose tends to get things moving. It tells the Universe, the Creator, the gods and goddesses, and your entire Spirit Council that you are serious about this. You mean it. Venus and Pluto are both in Capricorn, along with Mercury so MEANING it is important.

    Altar items for Capricorn energy can be anything that is mined or comes from a cave, leaves, branches, or bark from pine, poplar, or an old tree, black stones, snow, or anything associated with animals with cloven hooves and horns. For Venus, flowers, fresh or dried fruit, moss agate, copper, or anything that you associate with beauty, love, and abundance. For Pluto, a candle to light your way in the dark, to illuminate that which you need to see, and for surrender to your sacred path.

    This in-between time can be tricky, so travel well, my friends! Love xx

    This image is called "Recalibration" and is a creation of Hugo @Hugation on IG


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