Navigational Astrology Daily Forecast - December 29, 2021 - Energy Forecast for Today

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    Happy Wednesday, my friends! I just had to triple check that it actually is Wednesday because I thought yesterday was Wednesday. Lolol. Such is this in-between time, the pause before the exhale. One year I thought I was a year older than I actually was the ENTIRE YEAR. I went straight from 35 to 37 and was 37 for 2 years. Hehehee.

    On this day of Yuletide we honor the Sun goddess, Sunna, and the energies of light, radiance, recognition, and purpose. Meditations on this line from Lizzo's "Juice" are appropriate. "If I'm shinin, everybody gonna shine." It's time to shed old beliefs about what it means to be recognized, because the truth is, because we are interconnected, this wisdom of Lizzo is 100% true.

    Jupiter is in a tight square with the nodes asking us to deal with our issues and projections around being recognized and truly seen and honored. We do a lot of slippery things to avoid our truth about this and we ARE still in the last days of the Lunation of Truth with the Lunation of Presence coming in fast. How perfect is that! Gah I tear up sometimes at how divine it all is like ALL THE FRICKIN TIME.

    The triple conjunction of Mercury, Venus Retrograde, and Pluto are bringing up agreements and contracts that may be keeping you small, my friend. The big one is the lies our society is currently based on. If you are working yourself to death for someone else and find that you have little life enjoyment or time for leisure, family, and fun, this is a contract with society that you can renegotiate at this time.

    A ritual to the Sun/Sunna can be as simple as whispering into a glass of orange juice and drinking it, knowing it has become a magical potion or visualizing your arms as golden beacons, open wide to possibility, all in the spirit of whatever FAITH we need to take the risk required. xx


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