Navigational Astrology Daily Forecast - December 30, 2021 - Energy Forecast for Today

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    On this 11th night of Yuletide, we turn our thoughts to the Valkyries. These Warrior Goddesses had enchanted spears, rode winged horses, and flew over the battlefields to choose the "best" of the fallen warriors to take them to Valhalla.

    Our Scorpio Moon is coming into her last conjunction with the South Node in Sagittarius today. This won't happen again until February 18, 2039!

    When the Moon contacts her own South Node in this way, there's an energy that is instinctual and emotional but perhaps not necessarily logical. This has pros and cons and we all have these types of aspects within us. This is where we sprint toward our demise in order to save a child. This is also where we lash out, project, and hurt our loved ones when they hit a nerve we don't have a whole lot of awareness about and everyone becomes confused.

    With Mercury still in conjunction with Pluto, Jupiter still squaring the Nodes, something could come up today. Even if nothing actually comes up, it is a really good day to observe ourselves and see which best parts of us we hope the Valkyries will carry into the New Year and beyond.

    The simple magic of lighting a candle and asking that whatever is hidden within that needs to be revealed and released is a powerful exercise. The trick is to make the request and then go about your regular business. Somewhere along the way, you will receive your revelation and you will feel utterly fed by this practice of asking and receiving. Love, xx.


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