Navigational Astrology Daily Forecast - January 12, 2022 - Energy Forecast for Today

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    Are you ready for Mercury Retrograde, my friends? Beginning this Friday at 10° of Aquarius. From what I can see, Mercrograde will be the least dramatic of all the things in a whole sea of powerful move-making and horizon-changing... things. LOL What's actually pretty cool about what we're moving into with the Cancer Full Moon on the 17th is that Mercury in Retrograde will actually helps us tap into all this stealthy, unseen magical energy.

    I'm hoping to get the Full Moon video recorded and posted by tomorrow because it's really a gripping page-turner!

    Also remember the Mars/Neptune square is still very strong and may be zapping your physical energy yet alighting your spiritual fires. Naps are soooooo good if you can get them.

    I am on a mission to get us all in less of a freak-out place when it comes to Mercury Retrograde. I love that astrology is more mainstream these days and folks actually know about Mercrograde in the first place, like most things, nuance is abandoned for drama.

    As a Virgo married to someone with Virgo Rising at 0°, Mercury is my Sun's ruling planet and one would think I'd suffer more than others during these cycles. NOT SO. It's true that Mercury station days, the days Mercury changes directions whether it be prograde or retrograde, are generally days I and my sweetie feel pretty weird and "off", but after that, with a few simple "rules of engagement," I'm happy to move with the cycles as they roll. What are my personal rules regarding Mercury Retrograde?

    1. No buying expensive things.

    2. Welcome anything that needs to be RE-done... there are so many things LOL

    3. Anything that gets planned or put on the calendar is "tentative"

    4. Just accept that I may misunderstand and be misunderstood

    5. Anything important that can't be put off, like documents, legal stuff, important agreements, I spend extra extra time looking over, clarifying, and asking questions, and make sure I am fully informed. Even then it may not go as planned and I'm going to allow that possibility as something I can't control.

    6. Embrace the retro nature of my mind and heart at this time and use mental, emotional, and spiritual rabbit holes as healing and discovery portals.

    So that ended up being more detailed that I expected, true to my Virgo nature. I don't fight it. LOLOL Do you have special guidance for yourself during Mercrograde? I bet you have some genius ideas. xx

    I love this image by @kriezdada on IG



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