Navigational Astrology Daily Forecast - January 14-16, 2022 - Weekend Energy Forecast

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    This weekend will host the annual Sun/Pluto exact conjunction which will be a major feature of this upcoming Cancer Full Moon. Last year, the Sun/Pluto conjunction happened right in the middle of the January 6 fiasco and Biden's inauguration. The Sun/Pluto conjunction in 2020 occurred when the genome for the virus was given to WHO by Chinese scientists. In 2019 this conjunction occurred in the middle of the longest government shutdown in history.

    This years event will be in a tight conjunction with the United States Anti-Vertex and Pluto. This will be highlighting the US Pluto Return which is a really big deal. Rome fell during a Pluto Return... but not the first one. This is our first one and I know we will make it through.

    Astrologically and galactically, things are big. Intense. Stressful. Another M class solar flare last night which means the space weather from that will be coming in to add to the flavs. It may take some discipline to maintain any semblance of stable peace of mind, but it doesn't have to be hard. Sometimes just turning off the news and putting away your phone will do the trick.

    Popping popcorn and movie watching was something I did with my parents a LOT as a kid. I have many happy memories and we really perfected homemade popcorn in a cast iron pot! The Cancer Full Moon on Monday favors fueling bonds with our family, ancestors, and homeland. Bringing those little traditions forward into this now can feed our connections in real ways. Simple things can have immense impact when done with intention.

    The truth is, whatever the headlines will be for this year's Sun/Pluto conjunction, there's no rush to be super informed. Mercury is retrograde so we can even just tune that mess out and let the headlines find us if they can. LOL Let's see if they can find me under my mossy log. xx

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