Navigational Astrology Daily Forecast - January 17, 2022 - Energy Forecast for Today

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    Mystical, magical geniuses... a happy Monday, Full Moon in Cancer, Uranus prograde, and Thorsblot (if you observe) to you! This Full Moon is ripe with magic and is a really good one to make moon water for intuitive, scrying, spellwork, or other psychic purposes. It is not only one of the most charged full moons I've ever seen when it comes to the power to REVEAL, but it is also imbued with the protection we need when traveling those inner realms.

    So get those jars out!

    Have you watched the Cancer Full Moon video yet?

    I usually prefer the Sun and live water when it comes to charging or cleansing my crystal friends, but for stones used for psychic/intuitive purposes, I will be putting mine in the moonlight tonight.

    Are you making a Full Moon altar? We talked about this in the Galactic Mystic FB group and I'm really excited to see some pictures of your powerful magic.

    In other news, Uranus direct/prograde will allow those efforts we've been making toward more freedom, expression, innovation, change, and genius energy flow to actually start showing some fruit. It's been 4 months of figuring it out on the inside. Now it's near time to get those balls rolling, particularly in a very sweet period of time very soon when ALL the planets will be direct and it's full steam ahead! Happy Everything!

    May you be blessed with your every heart's delight. xx

    crystals in the full moon

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