Navigational Astrology Daily Forecast - January 19, 2022 - Energy Forecast for Today

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    Well, folks, we have officially entered a new collective karmic cycle. The South Node has moved from Sagittarius into Scorpio and the North Node has moved from Gemini into Taurus. I have been talking about this for months, so if you've been with me awhile, you may be tired of hearing about it. LOL

    I will admit that I'm nervous about what these next years have in store for us. Even though I am nervous, I have faith. Even though I have faith, I know it could be really hard. Even if it's hard, I believe what comes after has great potential. I am a relentless optimistic joy excavator and I am this way both by design and intention.

    I'm not really about "love and light" even though many make that assumption. Sometimes I get messages from folks who think I'm too positive in my messaging. Sometimes I get messages from people who say I'm too negative and focused on "doing the work."

    The truth is that I'm not sure any of us ever fully understand what anyone else really means with their words because we cannot escape the encapsulation of our own filters. We infer, assume, fill in the blanks, and project. And we can hardly help it! It helps though if we're aware of this whole situation and of the flavors of our filters.

    With the Scorpio/Taurus karmic cycle, there is a TON of guidance on how to navigate this. One of these bits of guidance is to do our best to stay in our own lane. It may become sooooo seductive and stimulating to get involved in power struggles, paranoid assumptions, and drama, yet so much more fulfilling and life affirming to rely on our own cultivated strength and power, what we really know to be true, and just ground ourselves and calm down.

    We're all really tired. It's at these points of exhaustion that we actually have an opportunity to CHOOSE sanity. Because...we kinda have to. So sometimes that means not explaining ourselves. Sometimes it means to just let people think whatever tf they want to because they're going to anyway!

    If this is something you've struggled with in your life (I think we all do), this is your permission slip to care only what you think of yourself. I hope it helps and may the odds be ever in our favor during these years to come. LOL xx

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