Navigational Astrology Daily Forecast - January 20, 2022 - Energy Forecast for Today

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    Welcome to Aquarius season, friends. Let's see what the vibes are as our consciousness settles in with the fixed air sign, the Water Bearer.

    True to the Aquarian nature, we may collectively be a bit cooler emotionally... on the OUTSIDE. Deep within, the emotional fires are still burning and will be offering guidance toward pivotal events and changes. Surges of energy can fuel shifting devotions and commitments and we may even feel this physically as anxiety that urges us forward toward unknown territory.

    It can be particularly frightening when the landscape is unknown and changing quickly even before we have oriented ourselves to what we thought was a place we could at least stop for a nap and a sandwich. Looking ahead, our eyes only see obstacles and slippery rocks, but if we quiet our minds and reach for that inner lamplight, we may be surprised to find a well of encouragement. Each step, however harrowing, is the right one and is leading us to our soul's urge.

    This is a time of release. For the next several weeks, it would be good medicine to assess what we are allowing to take up space in our lives. Our physical spaces, our finances, our minds, hearts, and spirits are begging for some letting-go and simplification. This release makes more space for US to fill and more space for true delicious hearts' desires to slide right in.

    We're close to the time of year where depression and hopelessness statistically are at their highest... and that's during "normal" times. These are not normal times.

    A week from now my family will begin the sacred season of Imbolc and the Charming of the Plow. The promise of returning light, life, and fruitfulness is whispering in the hearths and in the land and we have to try and hear it. The effort is always greatly rewarded. Doing it on purpose is where the magic is. Big, big, squeezes and love to you and yours. xx


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