Navigational Astrology Weekend Forecast - March 4-6, 2022 - Weekend Energy Forecast

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    Happy Friday! How is everyone doing out there? Have your dreams been especially vivid? Are you writing them down? Confession... I've been very much NOT writing mine down and I want to be more consistent again.

    It's official... not only are all planets prograde/direct at this time, but Venus is out of her shadow. SO... time to make moves on anything you've been holding back on!

    Pluto will go retrograde the end of April and Mercury in May, so it's full steam ahead! 

    We have an Aries Moon until Sunday and Venus/Mars/Pluto/Vesta are still all up in each other's faces. In particular, Venus and Mars are EXACT at the last degrees of Capricorn and will both be moving into Aquarius together, embracing as one. 

    So it's a great weekend (especially Sunday) to renew or solidify commitments and then to let your freak flags fly with some sweet consummation. Take that however applies!

    We also have our annual Sun/Jupiter conjunction on Friday and Saturday so we have an opportunity to feel some much welcomed optimism. There is a lot to see and consider and this opens our consciouness so we can take it all in. xx

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