Navigational Astrology Daily Forecast - April 2, 2022 - Energy Forecast for Today

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    Sun/Mercury/Chiron conjunct today at 12° of Aries. Dreams of deep wounds and fears could come up both last night and tonight. 

    The deeper message is to make a contract with yourself that you are on a mission to live with examined awareness so you can serve the greater good as the baddie shaman, healer, thought leader, teacher you are... while not requiring perfection from yourself or anyone else in order to recognize VALUE.

    Also, we continue to have M Class solar flares every dang day. This is record breaking. Your level of exhaustion or perception of life's intensity is not an exaggeration. Avoid those who tend to invalidate your experience. 

    "The wind blows white sheets hung on a line to dry.
    The spark of being endures. There are cycles within cycles of inexplicable events, strange happenings, blown contexts. Yet your fiery molten core only comes back stronger. The rage-to-be, coming up against every inhibiting factor that could possibly be drawn in. You have those soul qualities which thrive on crises, emergencies, huge challenges, terrible hurdles. A force which never lets up, yet conceals itself inside the commonplace. The destiny by indirection. Swept away, losing the track, and brought forth to find the track every time. The twists of fate that keep on happening and demand a form of resiliency which then becomes the doorway into wide open spaces that no longer polarize and divide." - Ellias Lonsdale

    painting by Louis Jean

    chiron the wounded healer

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