Navigational Astrology Daily Forecast - May 11, 2022 - Energy Forecast for Today

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    Aside from a brief retrograde back into Pisces this fall, Jupiter will be in Aries for a year, where he begins a new cycle through the zodiac. This shift is likely something many of you can feel as it is an abrupt energetic change and birthing a new cycle is both exciting and traumatizing to some degree. 

    Jupiter is deeply connected with our vitality, faith, confidence, as well as the fated cycle of "what's up must come down" and vice versa. In Aries, it's pretty simple on the surface because these parts of us will be fed by relying on the SELF. This harmonizes beautifully with the North Node in Taurus cycle because Taurus asks us to trust in our own power in order to take risks. Both Jupiter and the Nodes will be shifting signs around the same time next year, so this harmony can't be missed.

    On the tails of yesterday's post about Thoth and Odin, Jupiter is connected to Thor (and Zeus but I'm leaving him out of this one LOL). In Aries, the mythology of Mjolnir, Thor's Hammer, rings with profound messaging. 

    Mjolnir and Thor cannot be separated. The hammer represents the exertion of the SELF as will, power, focus, and faith. It breaks through barriers, tills hard ground that resists planting, and is never lost for good due to its boomerang abilities.

    This cycle of Jupiter in Aries will ask each one of us to identify, embrace, and employ our personal Mjolnir. The comfort of this depends on our individual healing journeys in the realms of relationship, relying on others, and trauma-induced self-reliance. For my folks with Chiron in Aries, pay close attention.

    Today the Moon is opposing Mars, so agitation and moodiness may be up and I invite myself (and you if applicable) to remember that not every emotion needs to have a whole story about it. This aspect is particular about letting the body feel emotions...and letting them pass if possible. Whew. It's a lot, folks. Roller coaster much? xx


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