Navigational Astrology Daily Forecast - May 15, 2022 - Energy Forecast for Today

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    Happy Scorpio Full Moon Eclipse, deep divers! This place we are in has many features in the landscape. It's a Scorpio Full Moon so we're wrapping up and releasing some things that involve our intimate bonds with others. It's eclipse season so its effects are MUCH further reaching and life-changing.

    The conjunction with the South Node tells us it's about the past and perhaps we've realized the role we play in situations where we thought we were "innocent" or "right." The square with Saturn is the "YOU SHALL NOT PASS" barrier. A blockage. A place we can't go if we keep trying to go THAT WAY.

    Then we have gorgeous support from Mars, Jupiter, Neptune, and Pluto who fill our tank with the highest quality bougie fuel that will get us anywhere we need to go in order to get around Saturn's redirects.

    Venus/Chiron conjunct are in the background offering deep soul healing in those bonded relationships that are surviving this cycle. This has been the most delicious part of this whole portal for me. I'm not sure my heart has ever been so full.

    There's much more magic in the Full Moon video and plenty of time to tap into this magic! We still have 2 more weeks to marinate in this eclipse season buffet of energies. What has been your favorite thing from the past 2 weeks?

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