Navigational Astrology Daily Forecast - May 24, 2022 - Energy Forecast for Today

  • Galactic Admin
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    Mars enters his home sign of Aries today, and as he does, he meets up with La Luna and Jupiter for some very close, bare-wire emotional talks. This spicy trio will square asteroid goddess Ceres and Mean Black Moon Lilith who are exactly conjunct in Cancer. This is setting the stage for a particularly dramatic Mars in Aries cycle that will take us right into July. We can expect things to go ahead and get real "energetic" on the world stage by the first week of June if not way before.

    This is an emotionally charged situation that straight up looks like a challenge to our collective ability to feed, care for, and properly mother/nurture without some pretty serious gymnastics. This is initiating and escalating some drama, folks, it just is.

    We do have some help and guidance in the form of supportive sextiles with both Mercury Retrograde and Pluto Retrograde which means that going back to the drawing board, reviving old things/ideas/ways is super helpful and that a deep change within the collective is required at this time. But you already knew that didn't you!

    Honestly today could be uncomfortable and irritating for a lot of folks, especially while the Moon is involved with Mars, so stay cool, cucumbers! xx

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