Navigational Astrology Daily Forecast - May 30, 2022 - Energy Forecast for Today

  • Galactic Admin
    Staff member

    Happy Gemini New Moon conjunct Aldebaran! Time to get that High Heart open!

    How was your weekend? We had the once-every-two-years exact conjunction of Mars and Jupiter, although that brazen energy has been with us for about a week. When astrological events like these happen, people watching is really the best! If you can get yourself in a group and just casually observe, it's fascinating to see these energies move around a room. 

    This is an energy that's hot but not warm, if you get my meaning. It amplifies the particular type of fire we each carry. Those who love/need/seek a stage and attention will feel amped under this influence and this is the easiest way to spot it in a crowd. 

    As our Gemini Moon continues her journey this evening, she will sextile Chiron for some beautiful healing energy as we snooze. I hope you have a fantastic day! xx

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