Navigational Astrology Daily Forecast - June 9, 2022 - Energy Forecast for Today

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    Today and tomorrow, the Sun is lighting up one of my most favorite degrees of the zodiac. 19° of Gemini is where the Blue Ray vibes of Nihal hold court in the Lepus constellation and truly... it's yum. I don't think it's important to categorize ourselves into soul groups and starseed types... I just don't. I think that's a distraction for the most part because we all have access to ALL OF IT. We are Heaven on Earth. We are the stuff of the Universe.

    And today we all have access to the Divine Femme flow and power of Nihal. This is an energy that is "forgotten" in our consciousness but pounds the drums of creation deep within the cosmic web. This is the spiritual and emotional maturity to stop playing "the game." When we withdraw our participation, we are tapping into an entirely new way to live and create.

    This pertains to our personal lives AND the world systems at large that are nothing but corrupt. While we may not be able to fully withdraw and go live in the forest existing in pure harmony with nature and humankind... we can do what we can where we can and redirect our precious energy and resources toward the new ways that support us. We are building together. Fixed Star Nihal supports this next-level maturity. xx

    Nihal Blue Ray

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