Navigational Astrology Daily Forecast - August 25, 2022 - Energy Forecast for Today

  • Galactic Admin
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    Tonight Mercury, the Traveler, will enter Libra. Gorgeous! As he does, and for the following 4 days at least, he will be conjunct the Super Galactic Center. This voracious galactic beast has the mass of 30 billion Suns, and 90% of it is hidden from our view. This is the rotational point, the “Sun”, that our galaxy and 32 other galaxies orbit.
    Astrologically this creates an energy that is ravenous. It cannot be satisfied. With Mercury here, it’s his things we are starving for. Traditionally we think of communication and processing information when we think of Mercury, but I always bring in the fact that he is a literal time traveler. He exists in an area of space, so close to our Sun, that time-space is warped due to the Sun’s gravity being all up on him.
    Mercury also holds our CONTRACTS. There are no agreements without him, so this is a time that’s perfect for realigning and reconsidering our agreements and contracts, including soul contracts. 📜

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